Spain, To Go!

This blog will plot the adventures of a single mom and three kids as they plan to make a second move to Spain (from the US, this time) and all the preparations needed, money saved and hiccups that happen along the way, from the first day of planning, to actually packing up the house, boarding the flights and what happens when we get there and get to living that good’ole Spanish life.

As of today: Friday, 7-27-12…

  • The estimate right now is $20-30k in cash to save…
  • …24 (+/-) months to execute the plan (move)

If you are reading this, I guess you might be interested in talking, or expressing your own thoughts- or just to tell me I’m a crazy person… well, you are welcome to do any or all of those things- contact me below and I will most def get back to you.