Still Churning away…

It’s January. The new year has come and gone… I did not make any resolutions really. Just the same stuff flittering around in my head. I started cosmetology school a few months ago. I guess that’s why I’ve been absent for all these months. Really just preoccupied with my current situation. School goes from 830-330 or later in the day, depending on how busy we are at the school. Then I have 7 hrs (Colonial History and Biology with lab) I have taken at “normal college” in order to qualify for the financial aid that allowed me to quit my HORRIBLE day job.
I should write more often here. It helps me put things into perspective. And as I am writing this I really sound like a crazy person, don’t I? Well, it’s probably not far off the truth. I have a month left to finish the Biology class and six months left at cosmo school. I am counting down the days and hours for each. It will help me get my life back to normal. Having a normal income, a normal job, etc. I feel this last year has been all over the place.

I am still hopeful that a move to Spain will be possible in the future, but the current economic crisis has me really worried. Spain has a current unemployment rate of about 25%. That is a disaster for my plans! How can I expect to work, or start a business in that fragile economy! I may have to expand this little blog to include some other countries where I can still legally move to in the EU, but may stand a better chance at making a decent living for me and the kiddies.
France, the UK, Ireland, Italy? I’m afraid… but I have lots of time to work out the details.

Right now I am formulating a business plan to let my customers know I am out there- even though I haven’t started the business yet. I want all these things in place before I am finished with school so I can hit the ground running. I need a webpage, email, facebook page and plenty of free adverts.