Still getting my ducks in a row…

I am finding that I’m having a lot of confusion today… carried over from yesterday- I must say…. I feel a little bit like I’m walking around the house in circles… I should be doing ‘this’… so I go to the kitchen and get side tracked by the dishes needing washed… So, I run a sink full of hot soapy water and while that’s happening, I remember there’s laundry that could be washing while I’m doing other things, and so I’m out in the garage starting a load of clothes… I notice the unboxed mess out there and think, I really should be out here getting this garage in order… I have so many unused things out here, I should try to sell them garage sale style to earn a few desperately needed dollars- to fund this move, but then I think, I could box this stuff up and just send it to the charity shop… who has time to try to sell off this stuff to make a measly $3-4?

Then I’m back in the house, sorting laundry again, washing a few dishes and just walking around in circles in general, with nothing really getting accomplished, but my frustration level toppling over, pushing me to the brink.

And now, it’s 2:38… it’s Saturday and I find myself sitting here at the computer… listless, with 100 lists of things to do, should do, have to do… and nothing getting scratched off the lists… just more tedious tasks being added to it… Is it my own apprehensions standing in the way or do I really need an exercise in organization and goal accomplishment… ARGGGHHHHH.