July 27th 2012, It is… today…

Well, here I’ve been sitting at this computer for at least the tenth time today. It’s 2:44 CST and I’m off work today. It’s my normal day off and I’m doing my normal bits of this and that around the house. I’ve complete my ‘master’ plan today… well, at least the outline, that is. I don’t want to bore anyone with the details, but the short version is that I have been making various plans for the last year or so to move my family back to Spain. Yes, I said “back” to Spain. We are not Spanish, I am a Midwestern 33 year old woman and I have three children and an estranged husband! My two little ones were born in the U.K. and we moved our family to Spain for a fresh start.

As things go- the fresh start was just a relocation of our problems in the U.K. and hence the kids and myself packed up a year later and have been in the Midwest U.S. for the past four years. Spain has been calling me back there ever since.

We lived in an east coast village outside of Torrevieja. A quaint little salt lake village, with kind people and a good mix of them too- both British and Spanish alike. We were an odd little family, but we were so warmly greeted by the locals, it’s hard not to long for that again.

The slow to start, long to end days on the Mediterranean. It wasn’t all peaches and cream, or apple pie, or a piece of cake, or whatever you wanted to call it. Once we spent most of our savings, without being able to find work, the paradise started to look like a nightmare. We started to wonder how we’d pay our rent, put food on the table etc. The kids were young at the time so they didn’t know the difference, but Christmas was a few items for each of them that we could buy from the Chinese $ hardware shop, and Christmas dinner was a stuffed baked chicken and vegetables and a homemade (pan) cake. But it wasn’t the worst thing we’d ever been through. Being strapped for cash was something we’d come accustomed to in the U.K.

It will be better this time, I have a better idea of what to do and not do this time. I’m not jumping in feet first and hoping for the best later. I have a decent job here at home, but this isn’t the life I want to live and today I have set my heart and head on going after the original life we tried to start in Spain 5 years ago, but this time, with a strong battle plan.


These are my kids- happy as ever… about five years ago!